Our LPG slimming programme

LPG endermology slimming technology offers a natural treatment with no side effects to reactivate dormant cellular activity within our skin. By mechanically stimulating the cells, it effectively combats unsightly signs such as wrinkles, sagging skin and stubborn excess fat.

Our rates and subscriptions

  • 40-minute slimming session: €70
  • 20-minute targeted zone session: €40
  • 6-session 40-minute “Discovery” subscription: €350
  • 10-session 40-minute “Slimming and Firmness” subscription: €560 (the tights are free)
  • The 6-session, 20-minute “Targeted Zones” subscription: €210
  • The tights: €15

Our LPG anti-ageing programme

Facial endermology enables you to benefit from essential youth-enhancing substances in a natural way. Effectively fight the external factors that damage your skin and see results from the very first session: reduced wrinkles, a clearer complexion and improved skin firmness.

Our rates and subscriptions

  • The 30-minute “Radiant Touch” session (cleansing – LPG): €50
  • The 6-session, 20-minute “Radiant Touch” subscription: €240

Our pressotherapy programme

Say goodbye to water retention, cellulite and the feeling of heavy legs thanks to our pressotherapy programme. Free yourself of retained fluids, break down stagnant fat cells and rediscover slimmer, lighter legs. Whether it is at the end of the day or during pregnancy, pressotherapy offers immediate relief and results that last over time.

Our rates

  • Compression boots and manual effleurage with a refreshing gel – 30 minutes: €40
  • Compression boots and manual effleurage with a refreshing gel, as well as a specific massage for light legs – 50 minutes: €80

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