Discover the Han caves

The second most visited attraction in Wallonia! Discover the caves, the animal park and two museums.

The Grotte de Han, a natural wonder, invites you on an underground journey to discover one of the most beautiful caves in Europe. Explore its galleries and admire its geological treasures on a journey to the centre of the earth.

The Parc Animalier, nestling in the heart of an unspoilt natural setting, offers a back-to-basics experience, where you can meet almost 650 animals from across the continent, evolving in their natural environment.

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Take part in an Escape Game

Right opposite the hotel, Atypik Games invites you to enjoy a friendly moment of team fun (max. 6 people).

Dive into the adventure at Atypik Games with just one objective: escape! You'll have 60 minutes to solve the riddles and discover the escape room's original mechanisms, thanks to innovative technologies. Immerse yourself in an incredible scenario in a place steeped in history, and enjoy a fun-filled time together as a team of 2 to 6 players. Let's go, prisoners, for a unique and thrilling experience!

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Visit the Famenne & Art Museum

The Famenne Ardenne Museum presents the history of the people who occupied the Famenne from prehistoric times to the last century.

The FAM (Famenne & Art Museum) combines past and present in a beautifully renovated mansion. Discover the 17th-century Espace Remy Van den Abeele and a chronological tour of the 18th-century wing. Temporary exhibitions on modern and contemporary art or the Famenne are presented 10 months a year. A variety of events and a shop selling local produce are also available to visitors.

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Walking around Chevetogne

This outdoor park has everything the whole family could want in one place.

The Domaine de Chevetogne covers 600 hectares of green space, with 10 walking trails. Whether you're looking for a peaceful stroll through the botanical gardens, a cycling trip through the woods or a day of adventure on the tree climbing courses, there's something for all ages and tastes. With 2 museums and 14 playgrounds, it's the perfect place for a relaxing day out with family or friends.

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Discover the Waha Church

One of the oldest Romanesque churches in Belgium, decorated with magnificent stained glass windows by Jean-Michel Folon.

Saint-Étienne de Waha, one of the oldest Romanesque churches in Belgium, retains its dedication stone commemorating its consecration in 1050. Listed as a major Walloon heritage site, it houses treasures such as works by the "Master of Waha" and stained glass windows by Jean-Michel Folon. The surrounding area, with its ancient cemetery, is also rich in architectural heritage. A visit to Waha is a captivating immersion in the history and religious art of the region.

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Have a walk at the Fond des Vaulx

Just 500m from the hotel, the small Fond des Vaulx valley offers a superb wooded and wild landscape. Ask at the reception for walking itineraries.

Close to the town centre, the Fond des Vaulx, a 15-hectare deep valley, offers a wild and mysterious landscape, characteristic of the Calestienne region. Three signposted trails (2.2 to 4.4 km) reveal caves, including the Grotte de la Ducasse, and the Trotti aux Fosses, unique in Belgium. Fauna, flora and geology fascinate nature lovers, while a barbecue area and a Hébert trail welcome visitors.

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Totemus treasure hunt

This 4.5km treasure hunt takes you through the heart of Marche-en-Famenne. Discover its history through this giant treasure hunt.

Discover our region in a fun and interactive way. Thanks to this real life-size treasure hunt, set off on an adventure on foot or by bike. Make your way from one tourist spot to the next, solving riddles to find out where the Totem is hidden. This activity will amuse young and old alike. 

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Horse-drawn carriage

... and let yourself be driven through the town of Marche and its surroundings.

Climb aboard a vintage horse-drawn carriage and let yourself be guided through the streets of Marche-en-Famenne. With the magnificent Ardennes draught horses, explore the town for an hour of picturesque strolling.

Discover the unique charm of Marche-en-Famenne from a historical perspective and let yourself be transported into an authentic and romantic atmosphere.

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Visit the Fourneau Saint Michel

Plunge into the heart of life in days gone by, and discover an exceptional heritage... Discover an open-air museum and an indoor museum.

The Iron Museum features an 18th-century blast furnace alongside the Masblette stream. Children are guided by Nicolas, the apprentice smelter. The Musée de la Vie Rurale en Wallonie (Museum of Rural Life in Wallonia) houses buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries in an area of over 40 hectares, offering a glimpse of traditional life. The Auberge du Prévost and the Bar Al Pèle offer authentic local cuisine.

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