Let yourself be carried away on a journey of absolute relaxation with our rejuvenating cruise. Designed to offer you a total escape from stress and tension, this wellbeing experience will allow you to fully recharge your batteries. 

Spa | Massage


Access to the Quartier Latin Spa - 2 hours

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Start your getaway by soaking in the soothing waters of our spa. 

Enjoy exclusive access to the thermal baths for two hours, where you can relax and leave your worries behind. 

Let the enveloping warmth soothe tired muscles and restore inner harmony. 

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Balneotherapy treatment with essential oils - 20'

Continue your wellbeing journey with a balneotherapy session using essential oils. Soak up the soothing aromas of natural oils that will awaken your senses and transport you into a state of deep calm. Let the benefits of water and essential oils revitalise your mind and body. 

Full body massage - 50'

To top off this sensory experience, treat yourself to a full body massage provided by our experienced therapists. Let yourself be pampered and say goodbye to tense muscles thanks to their fluid, soothing movements. Feel total relaxation invade every fibre of your being and allow yourself to be swept away into a state of absolute wellbeing.


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