Discover the icy splendours of the Arctic with our Thalgo “Merveille Arctique” ritual. Inspired by the pristine landscapes and wilderness of the polar region, this spa ritual takes you on an exhilarating sensory journey, where soothing warmth and invigorating freshness alternate to release tension and restore your inner balance. 

Spa access | Balneotherapy | Body scrub | Relaxing massage

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Balneo treatment with effervescent crystals - 20'

Start your exploration with an invigorating balneotherapy with effervescent crystals. Immerse yourself in the warm, luxurious waters, infused with the revitalising properties of crystals, to relax your muscles and soothe your mind.

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Body Scrub with Salt Flakes - 25'

Continue your Arctic journey with an exfoliating Salt Flake scrub, inspired by the purity of snowy landscapes. This refreshing treatment gently eliminates impurities from the skin, revealing a soft, smooth and sublimated epidermis. 

Massage with relaxing ice bubbles - 55'

Let yourself be enveloped by a soothing massage with relaxing ice bubbles, blending the benefits of heat and coolness to release tension and restore your inner balance. The gentle, fluid movements transport you into a state of deep relaxation, where stress and worries melt away like ice in the sun. 

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At the end of your Thalgo “Merveille Arctique” ritual, you will feel both zen and relaxed, your inner balance restored and your body regenerated. The benefits of ancestral Nordic rituals will have transported you into a deep and lasting state of wellbeing. 

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