We highlight the local products that enhance the Quartier Latin experience. Discover the products of these diverse artisans that make your stay even tastier and more authentic.

The Pause Chocolat-thé


The Pause Chocolat-thé is a small artisanal company located in the heart of our region. Specializing in the manufacture of delicious pralines, it makes a point of using local, quality ingredients to offer an unforgettable taste experience.

When you book your stay at the Quartier Latin, you can reserve a small box of 4 pralines from the Pause Chocolat-Thé, which will be left in your room before you arrive. The perfect way to start your stay.

Apple juice from Verger d'à coté


The verger d'à côté in Hargimont (just 5km from the Quartier Latin) is a family farm dedicated to growing fruit and producing artisanal fruit juices. André and Christel are committed to preserving the local environment, and offer quality products made with passion and respect for tradition.

At Le Quartier Latin, we attach great importance to welcoming our customers and ensuring their well-being from the moment they arrive. That's why we offer our guests delicious apple juice from thev Verger d'à côté at breakfast, as well as on arrival at reception. 

Delhaye Bakery

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Delhaye Bakery, a local institution renowned for the quality of its products. With know-how handed down from generation to generation, this artisan bakery has been delighting customers' taste buds for decades.

Whether for breakfast, brasserie, banquets or major events in the Latin Quarter, Delhaye bakery products are at the heart of our culinary offering. 

Teatower Teas


TeaTower teas are designed and packaged in Baillonville. Harvested from the best plantations around the world, these teas are carefully selected for their aromatic richness and subtlety.

At the Quartier Latin, we offer our customers TeaTower teas, available for breakfast, in brasseries, banquets and special events. If you love tea, you're sure to find what you're looking for among these teas.

Bocquillon beef

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Bocquillon meat comes from Belgian females, raised on small farms in the provinces of Luxembourg, Namur and Liège. Renowned for its tenderness and low fat content, this meat offers authentic flavor thanks to a natural diet. Its Walloon origin and complete traceability make it a quality choice for our dishes at the Quartier Latin.

In the brasserie, we feature Bocquillon beef in a variety of forms: carpaccio, filet pur, pavé de bœuf, entrecôte or hamburger. 

Delahaut coffee

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Delahaut coffee is an artisan roaster renowned for the quality of its coffees, carefully selected and expertly roasted. This family-run business, whose roots go back several generations, is committed to offering quality coffees, rich in flavor and aroma. Founded in 1913, it has preserved throughout its history the authenticity and know-how for which it is renowned today.

Whether at breakfast, in a brasserie, at banquets or even at major events in the Quartier Latin, Delahaut coffee is omnipresent in our establishment.